My Top 4 Biggest Graphic Design Freelancing Mistakes

1. Under-pricing
I tend to feel like I maybe under pricing my work its just so hard to value your own work sometimes. Pricing my work is definitely something I struggle with but I think as I start to improve I can charge more.

2. No contract
I have learned that with people you don’t know you must have a contract. I found myself being to trusting with some people. So make sure you have a contract.

3. Not following up
Some clients if they like your work will most likely want something else from you so following up is always key. Also if you can get them to recommend you that is even better.

4. Always saying yes
Fear can make us do not the smartest things sometimes. I always was worried to say no to a client that wanted work. Requests to work for free come now I say no to that. Working with a bad client can damage you far more than the loss of work.

I am always learning making mistakes but I am doing something I really enjoy. What lessons have you learned the hard way? Please do share.


28 thoughts on “My Top 4 Biggest Graphic Design Freelancing Mistakes

  1. Great points! Always saying yes to a job isn’t always the right thing to do!
    Sam xox


  2. #1 is always a hard one to decide on. i do paravet work on llamas…shearing, toe nails, teeth, and shots. some say i dont charge enough but i want the llamas to get the care they need. i do charge for travel and set up and also if i have to catch the llamas. im about the only person left that will do the work and i travel all over socal.

    good info in this post


  3. This is very applicable even outside of freelancing. Never sell yourself short. This is great content for a new freelancer looking to set themself up for success. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Great points! Do you mind if I ask how you went about freelancing at the start? Were you reaching out to clients? I’m always curious as to how people start freelancing since my ultimate dream is to work from home (sooooo far fetched at the moment!).


    1. Ok so I started in October. I have a website, I use my social media, I am starting to go to networking events which gains some clients, and I have set up some freelancing profiles on freelancing sites like fiverr and upwork. Anything is possible you just have to want it and work hard.


  5. Interesting! I think this goes to all freelancers as well, not just graphic artists. You have made important points. Wow. Thank you for taking the time to write this.


  6. Great tips! I think many freelancers under-charge when they deserve much higher compensation! I freelanced for a bit last summer on a part time basis and I feel like I wasn’t charging enough based on the amount of work I was putting out and got burnt out and lost interest really quick!


  7. I think many freelancers tend do underprice. It’s important to see ones worth and basically I think that they do better work than big companies because they are more flexible and not set in their ways!


    1. Yes it is hard but to be honest I was making nothing a few months ago when I started now I am making something every month. I am just not giving up and trying to do new things if something doesn’t work. Also networking really helps.

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