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T-Shirts and Phones are designed by me. I am very interested in typography and use that a lot in my designs. If you personally want to see a certain design that you can buy let me know and I will work on something for you.


Dreamer T-Shirt

Here is a look at my new shirt on Zazzle and Cafepress. I thought I would come up with design to inspire people to keep dreaming and achieving their goals. If you would like to talk a look at my other designs my links are below.


T-Shirts and other products


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How to make money on Zazzle

I thought this would be an interesting topic because its something I am working on doing.

Create a good profile

A well designed header image
A full public description of your store/brand, with any relevant keywords to help yourself be found in zazzle search
A link to your website / social media profileCategorized products that make your page easier to navigate

Volume is key to creating a successful store on Zazzle

If you have lots of designs there is more chance of your store being discovered by someone.

I would also say have a blog you never know who sees your designs.

Post your products on Pinterest

Here is my store: https://www.zazzle.com/daytonartsrandom