Conner-Featured Graphic Designer#7

Freelance Branding & Social Media Designer


Straight to the point. Conner asked the right questions and new exactly what I wanted then got straight to work!

Conner makes amazing GFX and gets what the buyer wants and is asking for. He is priced well.


Twitter: @ConnerBranding

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Struggles of Freelancing

Things I am learning that can be difficult as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I am enjoying learning new things and I love what I am doing.

First Year

Learning how the business side of things work. Invoices, selling yourself, promotion etc.

Getting good projects.

Early in Freelancing it is difficult getting work.

Getting Quality Clients. Working with clients in different time zones.

Next Few Years

Raising prices.

Figuring out the next steps.

As a freelancer, you don’t get to work with a team as much and you don’t get a chance to learn from experienced team leaders and problem solvers.


Suzy-Featured Midlife Coach#6

Suzy is a Master Certified Life and Weight Coach with The Life Coach School. She understands your situation because she has been in your shoes. She works with frustrated midlife working moms. She helps you bust out of that midlife funk, figure out what you want and make changes to create a life that makes you giddy with excitement about all that’s possible.

When I think about it, It’s really no surprise that my passion led me to study behavior. My MA in Applied Social Psychology honed my listening skills and opened the door to a 25 year career in public health, specifically in tobacco use prevention, heart health promotion and addiction and mental health education.

Although I loved my career, I found myself feeling quite stuck about the time I turned 50. I really missed working one-on-one with people and knew I wasn’t content anymore.

I wanted more. I felt it deep inside.

I was bored to tears. My job looked so good on paper, but I was withering away. But I couldn’t get my head around leaving. Golden handcuffs can get really tight! I was afraid to leave. And I let five years go by.

Yes…five years.

Then one day…I got a fateful knock at my office door. I was being laid off. Totally harsh, but wow, it opened up the possibility for me to make the change I really wanted but was too fearful to make on my own.

I get what you’re going through.

I was there too. I know first-hand what it’s like to feel confused and fearful about change. I also know what it’s like to bust through.

Kind words from a client:

“Through thoughtful questions about my life – past and current – and through discussion about my passions, Suzy, helped me think positively about my unexpected midlife career change. She left me feeling ready to face this new life challenge with excitement and optimism.”

Kathleen, Rhode Island

Also she sells essential oils for whatever you need. I have bought from her a diffuser starter pack and a defuser bracelet which I absolutely love. She was very kind and even included extra cotton pads for the bracelet. Support this amazing person you will not be disappointed.

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