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The color green is associated with Heart Chakra, one of the seven energy centers in our body.The chakra helps to relieve emotional stress and displays love and harmony. It promotes self-control. The personality traits associated with Heart Chakra are compassion, generosity, acceptance, understanding, self-control, adaptable and a love for nature. The most important trait is the balance in thought and action


Dreamer T-Shirt

Here is a look at my new shirt on Zazzle and Cafepress. I thought I would come up with design to inspire people to keep dreaming and achieving their goals. If you would like to talk a look at my other designs my links are below.

T-Shirts and other products


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How to make money on Zazzle

I thought this would be an interesting topic because its something I am working on doing.

Create a good profile

A well designed header image
A full public description of your store/brand, with any relevant keywords to help yourself be found in zazzle search
A link to your website / social media profileCategorized products that make your page easier to navigate

Volume is key to creating a successful store on Zazzle

If you have lots of designs there is more chance of your store being discovered by someone.

I would also say have a blog you never know who sees your designs.

Post your products on Pinterest

Here is my store: