So asked what people believe happiness is and got some unique answers. This was really interesting because I found out so many people have different perceptions on what is happiness. Personally I believe happiness is being able just to be yourself without trying to change anything to be at peace, Not feeling alone, and loving and being loved.

Happiness is….

“Happiness is being with my girl.”(I am the girl)

“Well I always used to say that happiness is like a place that you visit from time to time. But you don’t get to stay there. Working on my art, spending time with my boyfriend. Talking to my friends and playing d&d.” (dungeons and dragons)

“I think happiness is self acceptance, Accepting yourself for good and bad. Happiness is when you feel love and full of self worth”

“Of course as many come to know happiness is defined very differently for each person they may associate it with from other emotions like joy, pleasure or even the other spectrum destructive natures like rage, pain and fear (to oneself, others or even items “My kids make me happy, my being able to paint makes me happy”). This is all fine, I will never judge anyone else’s experience. Whatever the case I suppose to most human beings it is to be “satisfied” perhaps with trouble in their life (love, money, loneliness, appreciated) and I think people are “happy” when something or an action/thought solves that issue. I suppose someone might define their happiness therefore by being helpful, content or spiritual etc.”

“To me however I am completely Happy (and therefore define Happiness this way)when I have absolute TRUE peace of mind. That is (to me) a state of complete balance of all emotions in a sense feeling everything and nothing, knowing all that love soaks and all that despair drains and understanding and yet remain fully functional and accepting if you can relate to that notion. All so that I may help and progress with all that Life/The Universe/Higher Powers bring my way as an agent with a grin that would challenge a feline from Cheshire.”

“Happiness is being content with yourself, appreciating the little moments, being grateful. Also being loving and being loved.”

“Happiness is a choice! It’s about surrendering control, trusting, having faith that things will all turn out as they are meant to. It’s about being not doing and about living from a place of love. Being grateful, genuine and accepting you just as you are!”

“I think happiness is self acceptance, Accepting yourself for good and bad.
Happiness is when you feel love and full of self worth.”

“To love and being loved. It’s cheesy.”

“Happiness is freedom. Having the ability to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want, while helping others achieve happiness!”

“Happiness is amazing and it’s a unique feeling. Music, creative writing, art.”


35 thoughts on “Happiness?

  1. Hi,
    I met you at a blog party that you went to in January. You said you were looking to meet more people, so I came over to meet you.
    I know Allie. There is this song called happiness is from a musical. Do you know the song? Your post reminded me of it.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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  2. hi Crystal i just came across your blog and the subject was something i thought about myself because i just had a breakup with my boyfriend i always saw my happiness being with my bf now i know that was wrong.
    i also like the comment that speaks of complete balance but i dont think i could ever get to a higher place like that .
    I’m going to work on being more myself and giving love to those who always give me it.

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  3. For me, happiness is peace and contentment. I found it in my 40’s – just a happiness with where I am in life, the people who are in my life, and my financial comfort. I know I’m happy because there is nothing that i want or feel I am doing without, and I don’t mean materially.

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  4. I’ve been trying and trying to teach my son that happiness is his choice – hard for a 10 yr old to grasp! But true! Happiness does stem from being grateful, like you said and for me, giving to others. Continuously wanting and getting things for yourself leaves you empty, but you feel so fulfilled when you give to others! Have a happy day!


  5. Happiness is….contributing to mankind on any level. In my case,its all I have left besides my cheetah. Happiness isn’t a choice because people can’t control being happy or sad anymore then one can control the weather. Sometimes happiness leaves and never truly comes back…


  6. Great and loved your post. Very similar to what I too have put down on Happiness. Happiness is the way and being happy at ever moment in our lives and with the blessings and thanks to our Lord, happy are we and what else do we need. Loved the way you approached Happiness. Happy day to you.


  7. Happiness helps us feel elated and joyful.
    Being happy all the time is impossible. It’s in those moments of stress or darkness that we learn how to handle struggles. It gives us pause to think and evaluate what we need to change or do to make things happy again.
    p.s. I have a blog called –
    I add self-nurturing posts on there called ” Nurture Yourself.”
    I’ve been through many struggles. I’ve read many books on living in the now. Perhaps, you might like to read some.
    It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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