My Top 4 Biggest Graphic Design Freelancing Mistakes

1. Under-pricing
I tend to feel like I maybe under pricing my work its just so hard to value your own work sometimes. Pricing my work is definitely something I struggle with but I think as I start to improve I can charge more.

2. No contract
I have learned that with people you don’t know you must have a contract. I found myself being to trusting with some people. So make sure you have a contract.

3. Not following up
Some clients if they like your work will most likely want something else from you so following up is always key. Also if you can get them to recommend you that is even better.

4. Always saying yes
Fear can make us do not the smartest things sometimes. I always was worried to say no to a client that wanted work. Requests to work for free come now I say no to that. Working with a bad client can damage you far more than the loss of work.

I am always learning making mistakes but I am doing something I really enjoy. What lessons have you learned the hard way? Please do share.